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Maren S. Higbee

Maren S. Higbee

Maren Higbee (Patterson) grew up in Seattle, Washington with a love for film and writing. After her four years at Ithaca College’s Film School she moved to Los Angeles to peruse her dream of writing and directing films thinking there she’d land a great career and find the love of her life. After a few years working on a variety of projects she found herself entrenched in the brand new Reality Television business. She worked her way up quickly enjoying the creative process and the fast pace. Within a few years she was producing. While Maren liked the way her career was going, she was becoming more and more unhappy because she wanted a husband and family of her own. So she took action she spent her very limited time off work hanging out with other single girlfriends and of course dating. Finally after many failed dates she realized there was one very distinct common thread, but this wasn’t easy to take. What did she discover? With the help of her other single friends she realized that that SHE was the only consistent element in all these dates, so it was about her and not the men. She was a certified one date wonder! With this new concept in mind, she decided to slow down and start enjoying friends and focus on her career, and it continued to go well. After ten years she was still single and now held the role of a supervising producer. She discovered she was missing Seattle and her family. So, Maren decided to return to her beloved Northwest. Here she began working on local video and advertising while writing her fiction novel and continuing to seek her soul mate. Finally, one night in late July she met her now beloved husband. Today, she is happily married and lives in West Seattle where she continues to write and work on advertising campaigns.

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