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Lori Beasley Bradley

Lori Beasley Bradley

I was born in Benton, Illinois, a small town in the southern part of the state. My mother was from that area but my father was from Glen Allen, Alabama. I grew to love the South and read and studied much of her history. I started reading at an early age and writing also. I was one of those kids who wrote stories during class and passed the pages back until the whole class had read the story. It drove my teachers crazy. All except for one, Miss. Margaret Hughes, who encouraged me to write and to read. She often lent her Saturday mornings to drive me eighteen miles into town where there was a Public Library, where I could check out books, well above my age level and beyond those available in our small school library. In high school I was given an assignment in a History class to write a history of the place I lived. My family lived on a small self-sustaining farm outside Akin, Illinois. The population was probably pushing a hundred, but I went around town and interviewed older folks that I knew from Church and compiled a goodly bit of information about the town from those who knew it. My History teacher was so impressed with the paper, she turned it over to the County Historical Society to be put on public record. That was when I discovered my love of research, as well as writing. In my thirties I moved to California from Illinois and began a very successful costuming business catering to Renaissance and Medieval re-enactors. Again, I used my research skills to recreate costuming appropriate to the period. In 2009 I suffered a stroke that forced me to give up my costuming business, but gave me the time to write. I spent hours on my computer doing research and writing Historic Fiction. I am currently working on a Series called The Soiled Dove Sagas about prostitution in the cow towns and gold mining towns of the Old West. I recently wrote and received a contract offer from Etopia Press for an Erotic Romance, Sweet Rewards, set in southern Louisiana in 1874. It should be available latter in 2015. I currently live in the Phoenix area and Prescott, Arizona will be one of the locations featured in The Soiled Dove Sagas.

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