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Jane Galitello-Wolfe

Jane Galitello-Wolfe

Follow Toby as we venture into your dream, your hearts desire. Janiemaryanngalitello is a world wide author, who has brought many to open doors in them for their hearts desire she is noted for her work in counseling and healing using her God given gifts to help many in life . Inspiration is a key to be positive to your gift your life and a desire in your heart to be what you want to be she inspired many with Toby a God given concept she receive by the spirit of God and gave to other to help them on their way and to uncover to them their self worth and purpose , desire of their hearts as she help her own children as well as others in life , ''Noted in Who Who in America and in the Nations , with honor to a higher being for her work given to help many. Janemaryann accomplished her very iown heart desire at the age of forty and now seventy two still helping many .Hear heart desire now is for Toby to be a movie to reach out to all children of the world of all race and creed to gender, Janie says It is never to late to follow your heart desire so she is in hope to reach out with Toby to teenagres as well as adults to so the same Toby is a six series book with new charters and each has a special purpose and venture in their own life to explore in order to follow their dream and accomplish their heats desire, so let us enloy toby and his friend as we wxplore ths in your own hearts, and touch all with Toby, God bless you for a happy positive wonderful filled life. janiemaryanngalitello as she appreciaae wll that wil get Toby out there to reach the heart of many. thank you and God bless you habuenartabb had to endure much in her own life as sickness near death bringing up three children and homelesnss along with degrees in assocate in eng and a designer and care giver with CNA to help the elder , a inventor and a artist along with a writer , she did radio show and spoke to many a grounp of people. she was President of organaztions and she was town quessn at a teenager she developed one of the first street work minstery to helo the homeless an dother for over twenty four years to help humanity she help many teens to get off of srugs and on to a well llife again, she can be still reach by other for help to use her gifts God given gift she still help other with, Jane value are honesty and determination,being positive with love in our heart to help not put under our brother and sister of the world knowing me all have a meaning a purpose to do and should love and learn from each other. bond of love . he desire now is to get Toby out to a movie and she donates money for a cancer cure for children and others , and for the arts and gifted children janemaryann says we are all gifted and have a purpose in our life. to do at any age. she is a cancer survivor as well and loves music as she was a dance teacher in life as well.. Jane did much and yet did not accomplish her true heart desire yet and at the age of forty did so. she as well is a author of other books on the market as well. She lives in Ct and live a very meek life yet still helps other to accomplish , and honor the lord for all she has experienced in life good and bad yet the love of many to give and to receive-.Janiemaryann did her work in many states yet started her street work for humanity in Ct and then fl for twenty three years and touch the life of many race,, creed gender, of many different state , she was involved in a high calling of Unity of Nations ,Janie thanks the book daily ll they do and have done for authors ,and thank them for this for us authors to get out our work our calling or love and knowledge to many, she appreciates other author as well and respect their work, Thank you, janiemaryanngalitello

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