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Terry K

Julia Theresa Kanhai is a native of Guyana—the only English-speaking country in South America. She grew up in the capital city Georgetown where dwells a diverse culture wrought by countless ethnic groups, languages and religions. Writing since the age of eight, she spent her childhood buried in stories penned by Enid Blyton and R. L Stine while as a teen, the works of J. K Rowling and Stephen King helped her to decide on a future career.

In 2003, Kanhai was awarded the Best Literature Student of her year while in 2008 she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Linguistics. Apart from teaching English to kids, teens and adults, Terry K. began reciting poetry at various events nationwide. By the age of twenty-two she was working at the University of Guyana in the English department and is currently a lecturer attached to the School of Education and Humanities.

Her first publication, BACKSLIDER, was inspired by true events but the characters and settings are all fictional. “When a childhood friend from a sister church told me her horrendous tale, I felt a grave sense of injustice because I thought that godly people were protected from such evil. Clearly, I had a lot left to learn. This story is meant to be unorthodox and liberating, as I explore what could happen when haunting events cause religious indoctrination and instinctive human nature to collide head on.”

Terry K. is now writing the sequel to BACKSLIDER, Dream Guy.

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