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Maureen Sky

Maureen Sky

Maureen Sky, wife, mother, and grandmother, who lives in Bernardston, Massachusetts with her husband, Eddie, and their male tiger cat, Grueby. Maureen (now retired), has always been very creative throughout her life, sewing and painting, having won ribbons at local county fairs for her crafts and paintings, etc. She worked many years in the public sector as a school secretary for two local high schools. Maureen has three published books (all fiction) to date, Book 1: The Bling Fairies of Junkett Falls, Book 2: Discovering Locke, Trinket, and a Round House of Bees (Bling Fairy Series-Middle Grade Fantasy), and most recently, Kennedy and Her Bink (Kennedy y su Chupeta). Written in English and Spanish, Kennedy and Her Bink is a beautifully illustrated picture book for your little ones. A great bedtime read (Juvenile).

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