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Jr. Melvin Williams

Jr. Melvin Williams

Melvin Williams, Jr. was born and raised in Marion, Indiana. He lives with his wife, Jill Elaine, and their daughters: Kirston, KiLeigh, Kennedy, and Kaylan. In 2001 Melvin produced his first CD entitled “Songs From the Heart,” which features all original songs written for his family. For the past few years, he has had a desire to write a book about playing with words. He enjoys putting words into sentences, making up riddles, and giving words whole new meanings. He would also like to dedicate this book to the following people whom have passed on: father, Melvin Williams, mother, Annie Bell Williams, sister, Rosie Williams, and father in-law, Robert Bradford. Melvin enjoys writing lyrics, spending time with his immediate family, his church family, his friends, and goofing off. He has played the bass guitar for most of his life

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"Play on Words" from  Page Publishing

"Play on Words" from Page Publishing


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