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Toni DeMaio, spiritual psychic, author, and Reiki Master lives in Katy, Texas. Her earliest career was in professional theater and musical theater across the east coast, as well as in Jazz/Cabaret, singing at various venues in the New York Metropolitan area. She spent years in advertising and also studied with the well-known spiritual medium, Marianne Michaels, in order to be able to understand and control her psychic abilities as well as her visits from departed spirits. She is a spiritual psychic appearing on Psychic Tapestry Presents The Love Show, on BlogTalkRadio, every Friday. The show is heard around the world and concentrates on connecting live callers to the messages their guides and Angels want most for them to hear. She has been authenticated by The Edgar Cayce Center, Houston, Tx., where she has appeared numerous times, giving psychic readings to the public. She is also the facilitator for the Unity Houston Reiki Circle. Friends In High Places is her fourth book. It is based on her late daughter, Samantha’s adventures on the other side as a spirit guide. Her three previously published novels are now being re-packaged and offered through Heart Prints Press, where a portion of each book sale is donated to the charity of the author’s choice. To connect with Toni and find out about upcoming book releases go to her Face Book pages; Toni DeMaio Reynolds, Toni DeMaio Psychic Author, and I’ll Know You By Your Heart. She offers private psychic phone readings on her website which also covers information about her books and her Reiki practice. Website: Twitter connection: @DeMaioToni Instagram: tonijdemaio

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