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Carol Budinger

Carol Budinger

The sly wit and attention to detail that distinguishes Carol’s writing reflects her background as a musician, fencer, student of military history and devoted Internet computer gamer. Her novel “Errabundis” is especially enriched by two of her life-long passions – wilderness journeys on horseback and epic cinema. The world of “Errabundis” has immense scope, but also close-up emotional intensity. A world of distant horizons, rugged landscapes, majestic cities and exotic peoples. Her childhood in the orange groves of Southern California, and adulthood in the hubbub of Hollywood and San Francisco, tuned Carol’s eyes to the magic of diversity, and her ear to the delights of overlapping languages. And her own experience of the wonder and power of archetypes is reflected in her characters and plot, which entwine far below the surface, revealing their interlocking mosaic pattern of wholeness and purpose as the story of “Errabundis” unfolds.

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