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Dale Musser

Dale Musser

Dale Musser was born in 1944 in a small rural community in Pennsylvania. From 1967 until 2012 he was employed as a structural and piping designer in the marine and offshore industry, the cogeneration power industry and in hard rock metal mining. His work at three shipyards and assignments with several engineering and naval architectural firms during his career in Virginia, Texas, and Maine took him to such places as London, U.K., Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., Scotland and Mexico. During this time, he was responsible for the design of reactor compartments for nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines for the U.S. Navy and the structural designs of numerous offshore semisubmersible oil rigs, tanker ships, supply boats, and other vessels and equipment used in the offshore industry. After the death of his wife in 1999, Mr. Musser changed careers and went to work in Arizona and Utah in the hard rock mining industry. He retired in fall of 2012 and currently resides in Mesa, Arizona; however, his plans for the near future involve a move to New Mexico.

Dale is the author of the ongoing SOLBIDYUM WARS SAGA, a story of an Earth Man who finds an ancient space ship in a swamp that the adventure it leads him to. In addition he has also written a book of poetry titled THE POETRY OF WINDWALKER.

Dale enjoys rock hunting and lapidary work, gourmet cooking, writing, poetry, art, music, religions and philosophy in small doses, astronomy and the sciences in general, hiking, camping, the outdoors, and the gifts that nature provides. Mr. Musser is a member of Mensa and avid reader, having lost count of all the books he has read after 3,000. The greatest joy in his life is his daughter, Heather; affectionately they call each other "BUBBY."

Contact Information: Those wishing to write him may do so at, although he attempts to answer all fan letters, due to heavy emails received daily you may not get a response.

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