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M. J. Vigna

M. J. Vigna

I don't have a blog. I am in my mid 80's and am still up to my ears in projects. I paint, make jewelry, write and refurbish. I am refurbishing a little house I own in Nevada right now. It is the first time I have ever been by myself and I love it. I have six children who are spitting mad at me for moving so far away from them. I have alway been a fairly private person, living inside my head. I like animals more than people in general which is why I thoroughly enjoyed writing "Deadly Deadly". I am experienced with the type of bond an animal like this can have with a human so I wanted to explore that in story form. I am extremely happy with the result and promise that this will be unlike anything you have ever read, especially if you are an animal lover. Although I spent my younger years modeling, mainly in the Los Angeles are, for extra money, "roughing it" was my love. I enjoyed doing the most I could with the least amount of things. All of this experience, while raising my first 5 children, helped me immensely in writing this book. I am a horse lover and have owned them, trained them, bred them for most of my life. I was involved in Natural Horsemanship long before it became popular. The photo of me is one of my modeling head shots that was taken sometime in the 1950's. I hope you enjoy the book.

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