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Bob Rich

Bob Rich

Bob Rich is an Australian storyteller. He has had 16 books published, with the 17th on the way. Five of them have won international awards. These books cover a range of topics: The "Earth Garden Building Book: design and build your own house" was the first, in 1986. The 4th edition is still for sale, at least in Australia. It came about because Bob had been sending "how to" articles to a wonderful magazine, "Earth Garden" since 1980. One day, he posted a letter to the magazine's publisher, Keith Smith, suggesting they write a building book together. Then he checked his PO box, and there was a letter from Keith, with the same suggestion! His second book was "Woodworking for Idiots Like Me," which is a collection of autobiographical short stories that'll often raise a laugh, with each story containing instruction on some woodworking task. After this came fiction, with increasing success. You can find out about them all at where you'll also be entertained with free reading. Bob is passionate about changing the world, so it is suitable for human habitation. This is because he is a professional grandfather. You can read more about him at However, most of his new posting is on his blog,

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