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Thaddius Johnson

Thaddius Johnson

I'm a 32 year old man, from Fayetteville NC, Born in SC with a dream of becoming a successful author. I enjoy writing and bringing stories together. I started writing because I was inspired by my father to do so. He told me I had a crazy imagination and that I should write a book someday. In 2006 going into 2007 I began to write down ideas for potential stories. With my father believing in me I felt I could do anything. ‎I'm still a working in progress as an author, but I want to eventually work in Film and TV also. The stories I write are very simple, easy to read and enjoyable. ‎ I'm inspired by Tyler Perry, David E. Talbert and Omar Tyree when it comes to telling a great story. I want people to read my stories and simply enjoy it and take the ride. Over time I'm hoping to be a success in this business.

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