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Michael M. Anthony

Michael M. Anthony

Michae M. Anthony is a world renowned inventor with over fifty US and international patents ranging from fiber-optic instruments, spectroscopy, and thermal engines. He has written three books and is a currently working on three more. The Principles of Causal Conspiracy reveal a new theoretical framework for science, mathematics, the mind and nature. The Principles of causal Conspiracy is a mind bending book that explains: • New frontiers in Science, Mathematics, Logic and the Mind. • Reveals the inner workings of the Universe in a simple mathematical and scientific theory. • Explains the existence of Space, Time , Fundamental Particles, Black holes, and the Big Bang. • Explains the forces of Nature, Miracles, Spirituality, Divinity and Creationism. • Reveals a deep and beautiful link between Mathematics, String Theory and the Riemann Hypothesis. Reveals a new link between Quantum Physics, Logic, the Human Mind and Creationism. Is there a supreme rule of Logic? Is the Big Bang a Logical thought? Is all of Nature a Logical thought? Have we found the ultimate Unification of Science, Mathematics and Religion? Is there a Supreme Principle that governs and unifies all things? Have you heard of the new Scientific-theory that has unified Science and Creationism? Should Darwin worship God? Can we use a supreme principle to understand our minds? Can we Control Nature and the Cosmos? Do we create the Universe?

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