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Mickey Wilcox

Mickey Wilcox

Mickey Wilcox spent more than thirty years living a hard-hitting life. He walked a road that became dark and hopeless. Violence, drugs, and a hard heart became the norm in his life. Time in prison and violence for hire set him square on a road that would end in death. All bridges of retreat were burnt, and all worth was stripped away. However, in the midst of a journey towards death, hope appeared and he found himself with a renewed lease on life through the redemptive love of Jesus Christ. Today he teaches all over the world, assisting in planting churches and encouraging the saints in some of the roughest places of the world. Whether it is in the gettos, slums, or war-torn regions of the world; walking in proper society, suburbia, or the inner city; he is a courier of the hope and love that was brought to him. With the same hard-hitting spirit that walked in rebellion to God, he now moves ahead full throttle for the kingdom of our Lord. Missionary, teacher, intercessor, writer, and servant; he uses every means at his disposal to share the love of Christ to all humanity.

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