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Jean Coleman

Jean Coleman

Jean Coleman is a friend of God. In 1972 her life was miraculously changed when she heard an audible voice calling her to be a disciple. The book she has written tells of her first few years of learning to walk in the spirit. Several years later in 1978, Jean and her husband Jack were called to raise up The Tabernacle, an International Christian Center located in Laurel, Maryland, a church that became known and respected around the world. After serving as pastors of The Tabernacle for twenty years, the Colemans resigned their position in the church and launched out into a global ministry that is carrying them to the uttermost parts of the earth with the gospel. Their hearts have been particularly joined to the nations of India, Peru and Niger. Previous editions of Jean's book, Chapter 29, have been published in five languages and read by thousands around the world who have been inspired by this amazing testimony of a typical American housewife who met Jesus. Featured in leading Christian publications as a columnist and free lance writer, Jean also served for many years on the Board of Advisors of Ministries Today magazine. She has a deep love for pastors' wives and for ten years distributed a monthly newsletter, The Pastor's Helpmate, that was read by hundreds of ministerial wives. Today Jean teaches several Bible studies every week and continues to serve as a role model to Christian women around the world. The Colemans currently reside in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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