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G. F. Sheridan

G. F. Sheridan

G.F. Sheridan was born on a dark and stormy, cold and wintry night in 1956, the scene fittingly and fleetingly lit by blindingly powerful flashes of lightning, immediately followed by the rapid cannon-fire explosions of thunder. Over the next several years G.F. grew and grew until he was enrolled into a brand new high school in his home town of St.Ives, New South Wales, which looked decidedly second hand when he left the school seven years later. The teaching staff rejoiced and there was much drinking, merriment and dancing in the quadrangle on the day that G.F. left the grounds for the last time. G.F. then ventured forth into the big wide world in search of fame and fortune, or at least gainful employment. Gainful employment he found in Public Service, Legal service and gardening service until he sacked himself and headed south of the border into Victoria in search of a new life with his woman. The people of N.S.W. rejoiced and there was much drinking, merriment and dancing in the streets. The people of Victoria did not, however. There was much drinking but no merriment or dancing in the streets, just a resoundingly sullen, oppressive and malevolent silence! G.F. now lurks, lives and writes in the hills above a coastal fishing and tourist village called Lakes Entrance. He is a member of the Mars Society and the National Space Society. Check out 'Reach for Mars' at The newly released Collectors Edition can be viewed and purchased through BookDaily or Amazon.

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