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Ilse Shea

Ilse Shea

I was born and raised in what became communist Germany after WWII. In 1953 we escaped to West Germany where I finished school and learned my trade as a podiatrist. I ultimately moved to the city of Hamburg where my sister had settled after escaping to the West before my mother and I did. It was there that I fell in love with a young man from Iran, and after four years of courtship I followed him to his native Iran and got married there. We had two boys, but sadly the marriage ended in divorce. In 1972 I came to America and became a citizen in 1980. After six years alone, I married again, this time a great American man. I live in Idaho now, and have three grandchildren and seven step-grandchildren. I'm very involved in my church, love gardening and travel. I have written two books so far, both true stories. The first book talks about the plight of women in Communist Germany after WWII, and my second book tells my story as a wife and mother in Iran.

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