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Benjamin Wallace

Benjamin Wallace

I was born in Canada; I grew up in Texas. In between I’ve had a thousand fascinations. Little things. Trivial things. Almost anything can catch my imagination and spur on a thought–a random article on Wikipedia can cost me hours of a day as I link from page to page. Mix this active imagination with poor time management skills and you get me. I have more ideas for stories than I have time to tell. But, I’m trying; I write in the wee hours, the downtime hours, and the many hours when I should be sleeping. One day I hope to write in the daylight hours. Maybe then I’ll be able to stay a step ahead of my imagination. Until then I’ll do my best to write books worth reading with jokes worth laughing at as fast as I can. The serious stuff is being taken care of by a world of great writers. I don’t want to shock you or change your mind. I don’t even care if it makes you think. I just want you to squirt that drink out your nose.

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