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Katie Andrews Potter

Katie Andrews Potter

Katie Andrews Potter grew up in Carmel, Indiana and at an early age grew interested in her family history. She would (and still does) spend hours upon hours looking through old books and records searching for one more branch to her family tree. Katie has always enjoyed writing and has piles of old spiral-bound notebooks filled with stories. It was on one trip to an old cemetery in Brown County, Indiana in 2009 when the storyline for Going over Home popped in her head. What if you found your own name on a headstone? What would it be like to meet your ancestors? From that day on the story took a hold in her mind until it was fully formed. Katie lives on the near eastside of Indianapolis with her husband, Ben and their children, Eliana and Micah, and a zoo of pets. She has her degree in Elementary Education and has worked in ABA Therapy and Special Education, but is currently a full-time mommy and author.

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