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Elise Frances Miller

Elise Frances Miller

Elise Frances Miller’s novel, A Time to Cast Away Stones, set during the 1968 Berkeley antiwar protests and the Paris May Revolution, is fiction - but her life has been pretty exciting in its own way. She was born in Los Angeles into a family of diehard Republicans. She annoyed them all when she joined the Young Democrats in high school. She was the first in her family to graduate from college, and she set her sights on the bastion of free speech, UC Berkeley. With her art history degrees from UC Berkeley (1969) and from UCLA (1972), Elise began writing as an art critic and reviewer for several well known publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Art News, The Reader, and San Diego Magazine, for which she wrote a monthly column. Other gigs have included high school and college instructor and communications director at San Diego State University and Stanford. In 1998, she and her husband moved from San Diego to the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been an on-and-off participant in the San Francisco Writers Workshop and is on the board of the California Writers Club, San Francisco/Peninsula Branch. A number of her short stories have been published in literary anthologies and internet venues. She served as guest fiction editor of The Sand Hill Review in 2008. You can learn more about the pivotal year, 1968, and her novel at her website:

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