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Steven Andrew Janda

Steven Andrew Janda

The Emerald Home Run is a wonder in mathematics that makes the ordinary person look like a genius. To verify what I found was unknown to mathematicians, I gave many demonstrations, including one to a Harvard grad with a doctorate in math and statistics. After the demonstration, I asked him if he knew how I calculated the answer. He assured me he did not know and had never seen such a calculation. However, once the principles are learned, any person can easily demonstrate the wonder. Its provable by any person, yet unknown in the world. The EHR rocked my heart like an earthquake by statistical occurrences in Major League Baseball that seemingly matched the ages of the generations before the Flood and in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as well as the Law of Moses, U.S. Presidents, and Leonardo da Vinci. The EHR is the day by day account of how I discovered the Genesis Calculator. In short, the Genesis Calculator turbo charges faith in God and reveals how the scriptures include numerical matches to show prophetic fulfillment. The mathematical principals are self-proving. For instance, I can give a person a six digit number, then ask the person to multiply it by any number of his or her choice, then ask the person how many millions or thousands appear in the number and I'll fill in the other numbers in my head. The response is always, that is amazing, how did you do it? The EHR explains how. Being raised in Seattle with friends who played baseball, I enjoyed watching their games. I admired them because they were willing to stand at the plate and risk getting hit by a pitch in order to get a hit themselves. I didn't know it then, but I believe God surrounded me with all these friends to prepare me to discover the Genesis Calculator by witnessing The Emerald Home Run. After the discovery in 2009, I became a fansite writer for Major League Baseball. My articles still appear online, which are linked to my blog at https://emeraldhomerun.blogspot. com. I'm also a country music singer and songwriter, so you might run into my music if you google my name: Steven Andrew Janda. You may also find I've been active in the courts as a "not active member of the bar." Finally, the scriptures account for our present age on earth, not the prior ages, which is the focus of science, absent divine intervention. Since God blessed Adam and Eve to replenish the earth, there must have been a prior age. Likewise, God blessed Noah in the same manner after the flood.

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