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Raymondo Polanco

Raymondo Polanco

Choreographer/Actor/Writer Raymondo Polanco was born in the Dominican Republic where at an early age, he began his career as a dancer in Folkloric and Modern Dance. Later on, at the age of 9, he moved to the United States to New York City, where he continued his career as a dancer, traveling all over Central and South America, and also as an actor. He has been a part of several organizations and companies. : Elements of Paradise (founder, vice-president, director and visual arts coordinator); Ray-Ray and the World (founder, president, and visual arts coordinator),; Café-Teatro Julia de Burgos (Director, choreographer y assistant-artistic director), Manhattan Dance Space (founder, vice president and Folkloric, Afro jazz and Modern dance instructor), Música Against Drugs (Instructor and arts coordinator and special events. As a writer he recently launched the publication of his successful first book of poetry titled Tú y Yo Entre Poemas y Versos (You and I Midst Poems and Verses) and presently is in the process of founding a new non-profit organization alongside of his friends and colleagues: Alfredo Huereca, William Blechinberg and, Alex Almeida under the name of The Nueva (The Non Uniform Evolutionary Visual Arts). For Raymondo Polanco, the cultural work represents a liberation of all the hidden feeling by way of the arts.

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